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Statement By H.E. Erwidodo, Ambassador/Deputy Permanent Representative Of The Republic Of Indonesia In Charge Of WTO On Behalf Of G-33 Informal TNC Meeting

July 27, 2010 Posted under Trade/WTO 


Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

I am speaking on behalf of the G-33.

First, let me join other delegations in thanking you, Mr. Chairman, for convening this meeting. The G-33 takes note of your report on the Doha negotiations and the possible future course of work within the framework of your “cocktail approach”. We continue to commend your tireless efforts aimed at advancing the Doha Development Round of negotiations. We also wish to commend the Chairs of the various Negotiating Groups for their commitment to the process.

The G-33 notes that during the first half of 2010 small group meetings took place in various configurations both at political and substantive levels. While these meetings could help break the lingering impasse in the negotiations, we believe that the most important ingredient to the success of these negotiations is the renewal of Members’ commitment to concluding a pro-development Doha Round as soon as possible and the centrality of agriculture in the DDA.

The G-33 reiterates its readiness to engage in any future activities on the basis of the principles of transparency, inclusiveness, and bottom-up approach, in order to help break the impasse.

The G-33 wishes to reiterate its long-standing position that the Doha Round must fulfill its developmental mandate through the provision of operational and effective S&DT mechanisms to enable the hundreds of millions of poor and vulnerable farmers, in developing countries to meet their food security, livelihood security and rural development requirements. For the G33, this can only be assured and delivered through the SP and SSM mechanisms.

Within theCOA-SS, the G-33 has demonstrated its constructive attitude towards finding creative solutions to the outstanding issues of SSM. Early this year, the Group has put forward a series of technical papers with a view to reaching an understanding of these issues.

The G-33 is of the view, however, that our arguments have not adequately been responded. We hope that any future work on the SSM will be guided by a problem-solving mode.

The G-33 also wishes to remind all Members that the SSM is just one among several other pending issues in the draft Agriculture Modalities. We therefore expect to see these addressed meaningfully in the future work of the Committee.

May I request that this statement be likewise reflected in the minutes of the General Council Meeting on the 29th of this month.


Thank you, Mr. Chairman


Geneva, 27 July 2010