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Statement by H.E. Desra Percaya, Ambassador/Deputy Permanent Representative of Indonesia, At The 14th Session of Human Roghts Council, Item 7 : General Debate

June 14, 2010 Posted under Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues 


Mr. President,

             Let me begin by associating my delegation with the statements made by Egypt and Pakistan on behalf of the NAM and OIC respectively.

 Mr President,

             Given that we are today addressing the UN Human Rights Council, it is clearly fitting that I start with the issue of “illegal blockade of Gaza” - an action which constitutes a clear violation of international humanitarian law.

             The Occupying Power’s ongoing policy of preventing supply of food, clean water, fuel and medical supplies into the Gaza Strip illustrates the blatant disregard for the human rights and welfare of the long suffering Palestinian people. It is simply unacceptable that we, the international community, sit back and let the humanitarian situation in Gaza deteriorate further. Criticism and condemnation are no longer enough.

            In solidarity with the people of occupied Palestine, we call upon Israel to lift the blockade of Gaza, open up the crossings, and put an end to the inhumane policy of collective punishment. 

             These kind of hostile actions do nothing to foster trust and understanding. Surely if fair and constructive peace negotiations are to take place, it is essential that both sides are on an equal footing in terms of human rights, health and general welfare.  


Mr. President,

             The recent incident involving the deplorable attack of the Mavi Marmara aid ship by Israeli commandos has added the world’s growing frustration with the injustice of the blockade of occupied Gaza.             

            Given that this incident, which left nine humanitarian activists dead, took place in international waters, we welcome the Council’s resolution which calls for the establishment of an Independent Fact Finding Mission to investigate the events surrounding this avoidable tragedy. We urge the President of the Council to take action and and establish the proposed Fact-Finding Mission as soon as possible.

            The ongoing occupation of the Palestinian Territories by Israeli Occupying Forces, and the injustices which stem from it, are of continuing concern for the Indonesian Government.

             For the sake of meaningful progress in peace negotiations, we urge the Government of Israel to freeze all illegal construction in the Occupied West Bank and Occupied East Jerusalem and withdraw to the 1967 borders.  The current policy of settlement expansion is in breach of international law, UN Security Council resolutions and again constitutes a blatant disregard for the human rights of the Palestinian people to a livelihood, to freedom of movement and, most significantly, to self-determination.

             We would also like to express our concern about the worsening human rights situation in the Occupied Syrian Golan, particularly in relation to the ongoing detention of Syrian prisoners in Israeli jails.

             To conclude, I wish to reaffirm Indonesia’s full support for the growing international calls for an end to the occupation of the Palestine Territories, including East Jerusalem. We once again urges all parties to work toward a just, lasting and comprehensive peace agreement.


Thank you


Geneva, 14 June 2010