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Statement by the Delegation of Indonesia at the WTO General Council Meeting, Agenda Item 6 : Harmonization of Work Programme under the Agreement on ROO

May 04, 2010 Posted under Trade/WTO 


Thank you, Mr. Chairman,

My delegation supports the statements made regarding the need for the WTO to speed up the process of concluding the Harmonization Work Programme (HWP) under the Agreement on Rules of Origin.

As highlighted in document WT/GC/W/622, the Rules of Origin are the basic foundation of global commerce, and the WTO should not ignore this issue any longer. A fresh look and renewed political energy is needed to enable the Committee on Rules of Origin to work more intensively and hammer out its pending issues as soon as possible.

Completing work on the ROO is becoming more and more crucial as the world trade is complicated by globalization and the way a product can be processed in several countries before reaching its final destination.

This is a matter that requires the urgent attention of all Members. We have to quickly make a way forward, close negotiations, and achieve the common goals that we had long desired: which is harmonization of rules of origin for MFN trade.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.



Geneva, 4 May 2010