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Madame President,


My delegation would like to begin by associating itself with the statement delivered by Egypt on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement.


Indonesia reiterates its firm commitment to the full enjoyment and effective realization of the right to development and will continue to advocate the right to development as a true fundamental right that genuinely deserves the same consideration as other fundamental rights.


The right to development balances national and international responsibilities and provides sound foundation for the protection and promotion of all human rights, necessary for providing conditions conducive for nations to progress both economically and politically.


In this regard, efforts to redefine the right to development by restricting it only as national responsibilities must no longer be pursued.


We take note of the report of the Working Group on the Right to Development, and despite the extensive deliberations and contributions made by all parties, there is much to be done to effectively operationalize the right to development.


Indonesia shares the conviction that the right to development should not stay indefinitely as mere concept.


We must move forward in the discussion to elaborate criteria and sub-criteria as standards derived from the Declaration on the Right to Development, and to transform those standards into an international instrument of a legally binding nature that will ensure the effective implementation of the right to development.


This will include the potentialities of the standards to serve not just as legal norms to be followed, but also as measurement tools for assessing the impact of development and development-related strategies and programs at the national and international levels to guarantee that there is global equitable development.


We must move forward swiftly because global problems that are greatly related to the right to development do not wait for discussions to conclude.


We have been well informed of the development emergencies that are faced by least developed countries, which should be overcome with the effective implementation of the right to development.


Indonesia is convinced that if sincere and purposeful deliberations are undertaken by all parties, it will not take another 25 years for the right to development to finally take its rightful place as a fundamental right on par with other fundamental rights.


Thank you.