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Statement by H.E. Mr. Edi Yusup, Charge d’ Affaires of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations, WTO and other International Organizations in General Debate Item 2 at the 21st Session of the Human Rights Council

September 10, 2012 Posted under Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues 


Madam President,

Madam High Commissioner,


Allow me to thank the High Commissioner for her report. In making this statement, my delegation aligns itself with the statements made by Iran and Pakistan on behalf of the NAM and the OIC respectively.


Madam President.


My delegation notes some success stories of the Office efforts in facilitating various human rights initiatives and mechanisms and particularly shares its pertinent role in delivering crucial support to the Universal Periodic Review.   Indonesia is proud to be in the first batch of countries reviewed in the second cycle of this innovative mechanism.  We are ready to present our assessment to all recommendations derived from the deliberation in the Working Group and looks forward to the adoption of our report by the Council during the second week of this session.


On challenges faced, Indonesia is of the view that the current economic crisis has not only impacted countries with austerity programmes, but also the developing countries who suffer from the effects of the multiple and interrelated global crises, particularly those the poorest and most vulnerable in many countries and regions. We have to pay a closer attention on this pertinent issue.


Madam President,


My delegation strongly supports the strengthening of technical cooperation and capacity building measures in narrowing the gap on the efforts to the promotion and protection of human rights among countries and regions. These efforts are also relevant with the High Commissioner’s intention to increase even further the efficiency and effectiveness of the work of the Office and its various components.

In the same vein, we appreciate the High Commissioner’s current initiatives in organizing the meetings on the transparency of the OHCHR funding and an opportunity for States to share their views on OHCHR’s strategic priorities. We look forward to receiving the summary on this important meeting and hope that this process would continue in the future.

The treaty body strengthening process has reached an important stage. My delegation commends the important input and support of the OHCHR and Geneva delegations to the process in New York. We hope the current process, co-facilitated by the Ambassadors from Iceland and Indonesia will bring about  agreeable outcomes, particularly on the urgent scarcity of resources as the consequence of the exponential increase of treaty bodies’ workload system over the past years.

Madam President,

My delegation shares the grave concern on the continued conflict in Syria and reiterates the call for the international community to overcome divisions and work to end the violence and human rights violations to which the people of Syria have been subjected and to ensure accountability for all perpetrators. My delegation shares the concern about the condition of our four thousand Palestinians detained by Israel and underlines the call on Israel to charge, bring to trial or release such detainees.

We thank the High Commissioner for encouraging the integration of human rights considerations and a vision of sustainable development and the parameters for a green economy.

As we are approaching the MDGs deadline of 2015, we fully concur on the importance of human rights at the core of the United Nations proposed vision and recommendations to member States on the post-2015 development agenda. Equally, we commend the High Commissioner for her continued attention to the issue of the human rights of vulnerable groups including older persons.

Madam President,

In line with the upcoming General Assembly High Level Meeting on Rule of Law, Indonesia continues its efforts to become party to human rights treaties; to review and remove reservations; as well as to repeal discriminatory laws. The ratification of the two Optional Protocols to the Convention on the Rights of the Child last July is the latest example of Indonesia’s strong commitment in this regard. Our National Action Plan provides a clear roadmap on similar initiatives for the period 2011 – 2014.

In conclusion, Madame President, let me reiterate Indonesia’s full support to you Madam High Commissioner and your office in ensuring continued progress of our common endeavors in the promotion and protection of human rights globally. 

Thank you.                 


Geneva, 10 September 2012